[P*DA x R for Repair] Canvas: A Shoe Repair x Design Kit Workshop

Hans Tan, together with his ex-students Mervyn Chen and Ng Luowei, conducted a public workshop on 29 September 2023 to showcase the art of repair using a canvas repair kit designed by Chen and Ng. The workshop not only gave participants an opportunity to mend cuts and holes in their shoes, but also a chance to unleash their creativity and give their shoes a new look.

Participants were shown how easy it was to repair their worn-out pair of shoes just by using simple materials like quick-drying rubber paint and guided pre-cut stencils. The process proved so beneficial that some participants even took these materials home for further experimentation!

Through this hands-on experience, participants also gained valuable insights about the concept behind R for Repair, a P*DA 2023 Design of the Year recipient. The project seeks to positively reframe the idea of repair as an inspiring activity that produces aspiring outcomes.

Exhibition Banner

This programme was presented in conjunction with the P*DA 2023 Exhibition, which was shown at the library@orchard from 26 August to 10 October 2023 as part of Singapore Design Week 2023.

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