P*DA x EYEYAH!: A Visual Language to See the Real World

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About the Programme :

Humans can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. In the digital age we live in, a new visual language has emerged. Using works featured in the President*s Design Award (P*DA) 2020 Design of the Year project, EYEYAH!, this session will explore how images can nurture observation and curiosity to learn more about the world around us and make complex, sensitive topics fun and approachable.

EYEYAH! is an educational platform that uses engaging learning materials and events to help children understand important social, environmental and economic topics. Through its magazines, toolkits, interactive workshops, exhibitions and apps, EYEYAH! nurtures children’s creative and problem-solving skills in a playful and original way.

The interactive session will include an exclusive first look at new content from the upcoming issue of EYEYAH!.

This programme is presented in conjunction with the P*DA 2020 Exhibition at library@orchard from 2 to 28 November 2021.

About the Speaker :

Tanya Wilson is the Co-founder and Education Lead of EYEYAH! Together with Co-founder and Creative Director Steve Lawler, the duo have worked with an impressive list of clients from around the world as well as a network of designers and artists in both the commercial and cultural sectors. Tanya’s background in public relations, events and communications has brought her around the world to execute fascinating projects for leading global brands. Often referred to as “the sensible one” in the partnership, her Masters in Digital Management makes her key in the strategic growth of EYEYAH! and its future.

Jointly organised by the President*s Design Award and library@orchard. Supported by the DesignSingapore Council.



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