March over to see what P*DA has been up to!

The year is going by so quickly! We wrapped up an eventful first quarter of 2022 with 6 P*DA Outreach Programmes. You may be glad to hear that we are gradually returning to a mix of virtual and physical events. We certainly missed connecting with all of you in person.

If you missed any of the programmes, fret not – embedded below are the webinar recordings and key takeaways from some of our attendees.

As always, we love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions on future programming (virtual or physical), please drop us an email at

P*DA X NUS Departure of Architecture
From Dreams to Reality (16 Feb)

P*DA 2020 recipients and NUS Architecture alumni Seah Chee Huang from DP Architects, Ho Tzu Yin from LAUD Architects and Alan Tay from Formwerkz Architects visited the campus to share their personal journeys from architecture students to successful and award-winning architects.

P*DA X Education & Career Series
What They Don’t Tell You about a Product & Industrial Design Career (10 Mar)

Nathan Yong from Nathan Yong Design, Jeremy Sun from Orcadesign Consultants, Karin Aue from Chemistry and KC Yong from Dell tell all! Hear how they kick-started their careers, found their personal missions and their ultimate advice for aspiring designers looking to venture into the product, industrial and user experience field.

Timothy Lai, SUTD

Being reflective and honest about your work is important. Be comfortable with ambiguity, failure and changes. Find people and resources to learn from. Don’t be afraid to get out there to listen, observe and learn.


Elysia Tjanderawasi

Being a designer isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about research and talking to users, and working in team members to come up with solutions.

There is also the business side to sell your work to investors! Design really is a multi-disciplinary work.

P*DA X Education & Career Series
Portfolio Clinic (17 Mar)

Selected students from 5 undergraduate programmes in the Product & Industrial design discipline from NAFA, LASALLE, SUTD, NUS and NTU participated in the Portfolio Clinic, helmed by the 4 designers featured in the 10 March webinar. The students had the rare opportunity to ask questions and get insights for their portfolios. We look forward to bringing the portfolio clinic to more schools.

Creativity in the Classroom: Combatting Anxiety (24 Mar)

In-conjunction with the 6th issue of the EYEYAH! magazine on Anxiety, designers, educators and museum professionals from Singapore and the United Kingdom share useful practical tips on how to use visual literacy in helping to talk to young people about anxiety.

Find out more about the EYEYAH! magazines here.

P*DA X Creating a Better World by Design
Using Less to Create More Impact (25 Mar)

Sustainability is not just a buzzword. There is increasing demand for designers to create positive impact on the economy, community or environment. P*DA 2020 recipients Carlos Bañón from AirLab@SUTD, Pearl Chee from WOHA Architects and Prasoon Kumar from Billion Bricks share how to do greater good with less materials, cost and even labour.

Natalie Ng, SUTD

It was interesting to see how we can design designing sustainable solutions computationally or through human-centric interactions and user understanding. Understand the local climate was important so that the design can respond well to the climate for its users.

Faith Wong, LAUD Architects

It was insightful that each building’s individual green footprint will eventually form a cumulative and meaningful green critical mass. To view each building as a green puzzle piece in the wider network does make every green effort count.

P*DA Studio Tours
The Press Room & Kult Kafe (30 Mar)

Participants had an up-close look into the creative workspaces of two P*DA 2020 recipients, Kelley Cheng (Designer of the Year) and EYEYAH! (Design of the Year). At The Press Room, participants learnt about the passions and business realities of a creative studio. Participants were also treated to a sneak peek of EYEYAH!’s Anxiety themed pop-up at Kult Kafe, led by Steve Lawler and Becca Lou.



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