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Tech that Makes a Difference: Designing for Social Good with Technology

Calling all social innovators, tech advocates & digital design enthusiasts!

You are warmly invited to Tech that Makes a Difference: Designing for social good with technology on Tuesday, 11 December, 6.30pm.

This is an energetic, interactive sharing and networking session with award-winning designers from the Danish Design Award and President*s Design Award (P*DA) discussing the topic of how technology and design can be used for social good. Tech that Makes a Difference is co-organised by Danish Design Award and P*DA as part of a 3-year outreach partnership to promote excellent and impactful design.

DDA winners from Denmark, Asger Steenholdt, Chief Music Architect of Inmu, will share how interactive music and haptic experience lowers anxiety and raises quality of life for dementia patients. Carl-Emil Jensen, Creative Head at Too Good to Go, will speak about how his team developed the world’s leading free smartphone app that combats food waste. Our homegrown designer and award recipient of P*DA, Bassam Jabry of Chemistry will join them to discuss how his technology-driven work is helping deliver access to better healthcare to expecting mothers in developing countries.

The talks will be followed by a panel discussion. You’re invited to stay for cocktail & canapés afterwards to network with the designers. Do chat with them on their most impactful works and get their inputs on any impact-driven projects you are working on!

Cocktails and canapés will be served. Seats are limited! So if you are keen, do drop us an email with your name, organisation & contact number at MCI_PDA_Secretariat@mci.gov.sg to lock down your spot by Thursday, 6 December!

Watch this space for the highlight video and photos!



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