P*DA To be Relaunched in July 2017

 Now Under Review: President’s Design Award

The President’s Design Award (PDA) is undergoing a comprehensive review. It is expected to be re-launched in July 2017.

PDA has had 11 successful seasons. Since it started in 2006, 39 Designers of the Year and 99 Designs of the Year have received the honour. As the Singapore design sector matures, PDA is ready to expand its scope to encompass new developments in design and to take Singapore design to a global arena.

The relaunched PDA will amplify the Award’s focus on impact and value of design to society, business, services and people; and to reinforce the message of design’s transformative value. By promoting and developing the role of designers, the Award will better serve the needs of Singapore’s design talents to pursue excellence in an evolving design landscape.

We intend to take Award recipients and their Singapore design stories across the world, through new international programmes. Details of the new PDA format will be announced in a few months, together with the Call for Nominations for the upcoming PDA.

If you would like to be notified on the Call for Nominations, send us an email: MCI_PDA_Secretariat@mci.gov.sg



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