JUROR 2012

Dick Powell

Jury Co-Chair


(United Kingdom)

Dick Powell is co-founder of internationally renowned design and innovation company Seymourpowell. Dick is the current Chairman of D&AD, and has twice been president of D&AD. As Chairman, Dick is a mentor to the team at D&AD and strives to call on the government and business leaders to recognize the value of embedding design and creativity into the DNA of British businesses.

Dick has appeared on numerous radio and television programmes alongside business partner Richard Seymour, and has sat on the boards of the Design Council, the Design Business Association and the D&AD Executive. Dick was global design advisor to Samsung Electronics and is currently a member of the International Advisory Panel for Design in Singapore.

Founded in 1984, Seymourpowell has produced some of the ‘milestone’ products of the last two decades, including designs for the world’s first cordless kettle and pocket mobile phone. The company’s design innovation work ranges from consumer appliances, electronics and mobile phones, to transportation - including cars, motorcycles, trains and planes. The company has risen to a commanding position on the international stage, with clients as diverse as Unilever, Panasonic, Tefal, LG, Nestle and Diageo . Recent highlights include concept design work for the Virgin Galactic spacecraft as well as a concept design for Samsung Construction and Trading called Aircruise – a giant, vertical airship powered by natural energy and designed to carry travelers in style and luxury. Other specializations include ethnographic user research, strategy and new product development (NPD), trends and forecasting, product design and development, and 3D structural design and 2D graphic design.

Using Seymourpowell’s wide-angled approach, fuelled by parallel knowledge and experience, the company also works with large FMCG companies to re-engineer the fragmented and misunderstood innovation process.

With over 30 years experience, Dick Powell believes passionately that design is not just about being different or more stylish, but about being better - better primarily for people and ultimately therefore also business and the world. Dick and Richard took this idea to television, making 12 programmes for Channel 4 (Equinox, Designs on Your..., and Better by Design) that followed the development of new products, from the genesis of new ideas through to making them happen. They brought fresh thinking to kitchen bins, razors, burglar alarms, the economy airline seat and the all-important shopping trolley. Most famously perhaps was the design of a bra for the bigger bust, and an innovative toilet.

In his presentations, Dick describes his role as ‘visioneering’: creating innovative designs for things people desire and providing vision and focus for clients.