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‘‘Have a good sense of reality in your field. Understand the entire process from design to market. This enables you to cut down on wastage of time and resources. Check all pride and ego at the doorstep. Be your own biggest critic. Break the rules and take risk. Lastly, do your homework!’’
‘‘As an artist, one should possess sharp observation and judgment skills, in order to excel in one's very own characteristic. A good piece of art should not merely be fascinating, it should be well received and recognised.’’
‘‘Aspiring designers need to recognise that this profession is by nature holistic in its approach and philosophy. Aside from the comprehensive study of both cultural and natural systems, it is important to develop a poetic response to scientific investigations. The practice is a worthwhile journey towards an ecology of mind.’’
‘‘It is therefore very important to know your true self and establish your own taste before you start evolving. Otherwise, you might get lost somewhere in this rapid changing fashion world.’’
‘‘At some point in your life, you would absolutely have to let go of the safety (comforts) of school, of home, and of your last good work.’’